Monday, December 11, 2006

Your view counts!

In recent weeks there've been many forum threads on, discussing the relative merits of using a recruitment agency - or avoiding them altogether. There've also been some comments about the most - and least - professional agencies out there.

Our annual reader survey has just been launched and gives you the chance to find out how consulting candidates are currently looking for a job; which channels and providers they recommend other readers should use; what the general recruitment market conditions are likely to look like in the coming months - and much much more.

It takes just a couple of minutes to share your thoughts - and your views would be highly appreciated! Every contributor will receive a copy of the full PDF report, so to take part simply click here now.

For those anxious to progress their job search ASAP, it may be helpful to know that the two recruitment agencies our readers have voted for most highly in the past are BLT and Prism.

Happy job hunting and thank you for taking part in this year's survey.