Thursday, May 8, 2008

Market collapse? ... or business as usual?

There seem to be really mixed messages out there at present - lots of firms seem to be thriving and recruiting really aggressively. But then can consulting really be escaping any fall-out from the credit crunch and the barrage of doomsday headlines we've been seeing?

So I thought I'd turn to you our readers for the definitive view. Let me know your thoughts on the following 3 questions and the results of the poll will appear on screen when you hit submit. Hopefully we can get a couple of hundred responses this month and get a really good picture of what the UK consulting market is doing...

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P.S. feel free to post replies to this blog post to share anecdotal evidence as well - either than the market is collapsing or that it's very much business as usual at your firm...

Thanks for participating.

Tony Restell,